Universal Achievements

During the three days of the convention, individuals may try and obtain special achievements while playing the quests that make up the year’s Quest Extravaganza. There are universal achievements as well as special achievements which will be targeting specific objectives within a quest. The special achievements will continue to remain a secret until the event.

However, the universal achievements will always be here! These universal achievements can be obtained in a variety of ways and are not geared toward specific quests. These are published ahead of time, for everyone to view, and for travelers to keep in mind while deck-building for the event.

Below is the list of universal achievements for Con of the Rings:

The Free PeoplesWin a game with four players. Each player’s name badge must display a different weapon.
Message From ElrondWin a game with a deck built by someone else
Draft KingWin a game with a deck you built during a draft
The Council DividedPlay a game in competitive mode
Epic ModeWin a game in epic multiplayer mode
Friends & Fellow ConspiratorsWin a game where every player is using a contract
Friend of FriendsWin a game with someone you met for the first time at Con of the Rings 2021
Shadows of the PastWin a game with someone who you have played LotR:LCG with previously, but not within the last year
Galadhrim WeaverParticipate in Cosplay